Let them in. Put yourself out there first. Students need motivation. They need someone to bury their inhibitions.They need someone to take one step forward.

Be that person.

Trust takes time.
This is true.
But you can accelerate the process.
If you have five classes you need to build trust fast.

It starts before they enter the classroom.
It starts when you take a risk first.
Model the leap of faith you will ask of them.

Because a classroom experience is a leap of faith.
Faith in fairness.
Faith in the structure.
Faith in the professor.
Faith in your classmates.

Show them your wings and you will at the same time show them theirs.

The safety net is revealed in the stories you tell at that first meeting.
By the tone you set in your first delivery of information.
They way you greet them when they first walk into the room.
By the way you say goodbye when they leave after the first class.

The trust you build with students
Allows them to model it with one another.
Do not seek pedestals
When what you seek is common ground.

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