Tangible and Intangibles

Academic departments are often measured by what they produce. Graduates. Scholarship. Publications. Grants.

This measurement is one of products.
They are tangible.
We gravitate to tangible because we can measure it readily.
We can attach a number after each category.
Neat and simple.

Academic departments would benefit from an additional kind of tape measure.
A scale that weighs the intangibles.
A thermometer that measures fire in the belly.
A ruler that measures the height of one’s confidence.
A speedometer that measures the rate of a student’s adaptation to change.

We can create these new mileposts.
We must.

How do you measure investment
when not in dollars but emotional?
How do you measure enthusiasm
and a sense of belonging?

Do we measure it or do we feel it instead?
By applying the concept of measurement
do we unintentionally botch the barometer?

By applying a sensory experience to an organization what does that tell us?

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