Anita Verna Crofts teaches and serves on the leadership team at the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington in Seattle. While higher education struggles to demonstrate return on investment with rising tuition and a fiercely competitive job market awaiting graduates, this program embraces an entrepreneurial mindset and champions students to do the same.

As the Department of Communication’s Flight Instructor, Anita encourages “ideas and people to take flight” by building a dynamic learning environment through curricular innovations, space and design considerations, and spearheading leadership development at the undergraduate and graduate student level. The curricular philosophy for this work is simple: “Let Students Lead.” This abiding vision inspires students to achieve, contribute, and connect in ways they never imagined possible—a core tenet of Comm Lead.

Anita is set on transforming the way students, staff, and faculty experience higher education and engage with the community at large. As the Flight Instructor, she shares innovative ways to grow the sense of community at Comm Lead and the department more broadly—both inside and outside the classroom.