five minutes or five hours

(Photo by A.V. Crofts)
(Photo by A.V. Crofts)

I sat down to lunch with Bruce Rutledge and Chelsey Slattum not daring to hope that Chin Music Press wanted me to write a book. But they did. The combination of travel, food, and photographs appealed to them, as did the voice of my blog. Bruce encouraged me to use the blog as a springboard, creating new material in the same vein.

I left the lunch giddy and in disbelief. I told hardly a soul about the possibility for fear of jinxing the whole thing.

One month later, I met with them again this time with Dan Shafer added to the mix. Dan’s a graphic designer and instructor at Cornish College of the Arts who works closely with Chin Music on their book covers and layouts. This meeting built my excitement even more, as it was now clear just how seriously Chin Music took both the content and book aesthetics. We traded ideas about themes and homed in on a collection of essays ranging in length as well as locations from around the world. Conversational. Educational. Visual.

Dan captured the essence at this meeting: “It should be a book you can pick up for five minutes or five hours.”

We laid out a plan moving forward that sounded reasonable. I would start uploading photos to a Dropbox account for Dan to sift through and I would email Bruce a first draft at the end of my Maine summer.

Three whole months! No problem. How hard could it be to meet that deadline?