super PIEs instead of super PACs

One month ago, a friend and I threw two political fundraisers for hundreds of people. We called them “Super PIEs not Super PACs” and showcased the exquisite pie talents of poet and pie maker Kate Lebo, of Pie School fame.

We raised FIFTY-EIGHT times what the fundraiser cost us to produce. We raised tens of thousands of dollars. As I’ve written in earlier posts, pie is currency.

And if you have the equivalent of Kate’s pies in your bank account, you’ve got the strongest currency out there.

One week ago, I wrote this on my Facebook timeline:

I have never had an abortion.
But I voted to protect my right to have that choice.

I have never been married in the eyes of either state I call home: Washington and Maine.
But I voted to gain that right.

I have never felt pressure to hide my religious beliefs.
But I voted to preserve the separation of church and state.

I have never known what it feels like to be a man.
But I voted to make sure I earn as much as one.
I have never chosen to have children.
But I voted for a world in which I would want to raise one.

Pie for all and all for pie.